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Charts for Notion databases

Create beautiful charts from Notion tables & easily embed them in 2 mins

1. Connect

Connect your notion databases with chart nerd to start building new charts.

2. Build

Select the type of chart from 9 different types of charts to build from, select fields.

3. Style

Customize the look & feel of the charts to fit your website & needs perfectly.

4. Embed

Embed the chart on your website or Notion pages.

Multiple Charts
Supports 9 different types of charts → line, bar, area, pie, donut, radar, word cloud, map & scatter plot.
Light & dark theme support fits perfectly with the notion themes.
Extensive customization for charts to fit your vision.
Offline support
View your embedded charts even when you are offline in Notion.
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Why do I need Notion token?

Notion doesn't have an official API to access your private pages, so we need your Notion token to access your private pages. If you have a public page you don't need a token to access it. I couldn't find my token, what should I do?

I couldn't find my token, what should I do?

Don't worry you could either follow the steps here or you could use our extension which can pull all the necessary data from your notion page. You can find the extension here.

Will my token be publically available?

Your token is securely stored on our backend & is not accessible to anyone.

How do I embed my chart in Notion?

Paste your link directly into a Notion page, and choose to create embed, you can read about it in more detail here.